Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Baby Shower! Part 2

The mom-to-be and I share a love for food.
Whenever we hang out it generally involves baking, cooking, or trying a new restaurant. 
I wanted the shower food to be exciting for Kristen!

I made labels for all of the food, drinks, and desserts.
Yes, I even made a label for the water.
I found the yellow water bottle wraps online and printed them and wrapped them around, so easy!

I love mason jars. They can be used for so many things.
I ordered the grey and black striped straws for them!

I knew I wanted to have lemonade for the shower since the yellow color went with the theme!

I made these lemonade fruit ice cubes.
I borrowed ice cube trays from a friend and filled them with assorted fruits; raspberry mint, blackberry lemon, blueberry lime, and strawberries.
They worked out perfectly because they didn't water down the lemonade and they were pretty!

We had some "adult" beverages to mix in with the lemonade.
We added peach tea vodka or sweet tea vodka.
It was a hit!

The invitation asked everyone to bring their favorite childhood book for Kristen.
I loved the Postman books when I was a kid so a chose those for her!

My mom and I also put together this little cube toy for the baby.
We used scraps from the quilt.

The take away gift for everyone at the shower was chocolate covered pretzels and a bookmark.

The gifts were in this antique shopping cart.

I ordered the chevron bags in grey and black and closed them with a staple and a fabric scrap.

"Children are made readers on the laps of their parents."
I sewed the little flags on the paper.

The dining room was for the desserts!

My brother painted this wooden sign for me.

The desserts were SO good!

Cream cheese pound cake

Salted caramel coconut cookies

White chocolate and orange petit fours

Milk and white chocolate filled raspberries

More chocolate covered pretzels
*The food label pots were so quick to put together- I printed the names on the computer and glued them to a skewer and stuck them in a moss filled pot. Then decorated them with twigs, eggs, and/or a bird!

Chocolate covered clementines with chili salt

 The food was amazing.
It was so sweet of friends to help me with food and desserts.  
I could not have pulled it off without them!
I decorated the tables with burlap ribbon and some yellow ribbon.

Bowtie pasta salad with pine nuts, sun dried tomatos, spinach, green onions, and an olive oil dressing.

Pear and pancetta crisps. These were gone in minutes!
Pears, pancetta, gorgonzola, pepper, and drizzled honey.
Enough said.

Debbie's famous corn dip.
We requested that she bring two next time.
It's that good.

Fruit salad

These were my two new appetizer recipes. Both turned out tasty and easy!
Sparkling cranberry brie bites with mint
Roasted brussel sprouts with prociutto

Chicken salad

I wish this was sitting in my kitchen right now!!

It was a fun day filled with laughs, happy tears, full stomachs, and prayers.
I can't even explain my love and excitement for the beautiful mom-to-be!
Only a few more weeks till we meet this little boy.

*We played a game at the shower and guests filled out baby wishes.
To be continued....

The Baby Shower! Part 1

 Planning this baby shower was so fun!
This is the first time that I have had a really close friend have a baby.
I wanted to make this day extra special for her because she is such a dear friend and I am so excited for her.

I knew I wanted the flowers to be yellow and was determined to find sunflowers!
I also wanted to have a lot of mercury glass, burlap, moss, and sparkle!

I made the banner on my cricut.
I didn't put any words on the banner for multiple reasons: I wanted it to be simple and we still don't know the baby name!

Her nursery colors are grey and yellow with black furniture.
I incorporated green in the banner and the flowers.

My dad made a lot of these wood frames for the shower.
I found the finials at Lowe's and painted them all different colors.
For this one I added some ribbon left over from the invitations.

This flower arrangement was in the center of the coffee table.
It was meant to look like a nest.

Moss was around the flowers.

There were some fabric scraps and eggs mixed in with the flowers and a few feathers!

I had Kristen bring pictures of her and Marc!

I mixed in some lamb's ear and lavender from my yard.
The brown feather balls were from Hobby Lobby and were fun mixed in with the live flowers.

These frames were in the entry way.

My mom made two of these runners for the shower to mix in with the theme.

The original plan was to have the bird hanging on the front door to greet people.
I ended up liking him so much that I wanted him in the dining room where it would be seen more!
My dad drilled a hole in it and hung it up with ribbon on the mirror.

Sweet friends filling out the game! We matched pregnancy words with candy names.
Milo made a new friend at the shower.

More pictures of the parents-to-be.

There were sunflowers everywhere!

I had so much fun making this wreath for the mantle. 
Everything came from JoAnn and was very easy to put together.

I wish my house was always filled with fresh flowers!