Sunday, May 8, 2011

Muffins with Mom and more!

The school year is winding down (woo hoo!) and we just had our Muffins with Mom celebration at school.  Each year I create a gift that starts with the kids, involves my mom and I working together, and then back to the kids to present to their moms.  This is always a special day for everyone!

This year Mom and I started the project at the lake over Easter weekend because I had to sew 21 gifts and hand embroider 21 gifts, we were busy!

The gift this year was a pillow.  
We stamped the hand prints in pink and made various bugs out of fingerprints.
The first step was to sew the four borders around the front of the pillow.

Next we hand embroidered the lady bugs...


and bees....
This process was a bit tedious with 21 to accomplish.  

Then we added ribbon and glued beads in the center of the hand (flower).

The finished pillow!  (This is actually last years pillow so the fabric is different)

Once they were made we had to decide how to package them:

I used my Cricut and cut out tags for each pillow.

We rolled the pillow cases up and tied a ribbon around them with the tag and they went to 2nd grade for Muffins with Mom!

Today I spent a lovely day with my mom.

We started off seeing this movie.
It was one of my favorite books to read and the movie was amazing as well.

Then we went to the new Alpine Bakery.  If you live anywhere near Alpharetta you must go there.  The food was delicious but the real reason everyone goes there is for this:

Their cakes are incredible.  I cannot go there without getting an enormous piece of White Chocolate Raspberry Mousse.  Mmmmm....