Friday, April 29, 2011

Making new things....

I adore aprons.  I have quite a few hanging in my pantry and always look at the adorable ones in Anthropologie.  I enjoy sewing but can easily get overwhelmed so I enjoy making aprons because they are little steps and they always turn into cute creations.  This year one of the parents from school asked me to make aprons for her daughters Easter baskets.  I was so excited because picking out fabric is one of my favorite things to do.  They turned out SO cute but I am so mad at myself for not taking cute pictures.  Things were crazy and I handed them off without good pictures.  This is all I got...
I finally figured out how to do the ruffle correctly on my machine and it made things much easier.

This is my only full picture.  The two aprons were the same size but I switched the ruffles around on them so that the girls could tell them apart.  The girls are so precious looking, I can only imagine how much cuter they make the aprons look.

I had these labels made and sewed them into the aprons on the inside.  My brother did the images and someone from etsy printed them.  I loooove them.  

I always love to make crafts for each holiday with my 2nd grade class.  This was a new craft for me and it turned out to be really cute and easy- perfect craft for a teacher! This year we made bunnies and chicks.

We started with empy baby food jars, you really can use any size.

The first step for the bunny was to fill the jar with cotton balls, for the chick we glued on eyes and a paper beak.

I started with yellow tissue paper but ran out so some of the kids crumpled up yellow construction paper.

The finished product!  The bunny just needed foam ears, eyes, pipe cleaner whiskers, and a fuzzy nose.  the bird had yellow feather glued on the sides.  

We had an Easter party and the kids left these on their desks for decorations.

One of the moms brought in these cupcakes. They immediately caught my eye because they were so precious.  She cut up marshmallows and dipped them in sprinkles and they had an m&m center.  So colorful and pretty!

Easter Treats

Once again things have been so busy at home and school that I have not been posting very often!  I have been working on a lot of projects that have taken up a lot of time.  I wish I had taken better pictures of a few of them...

I spent Easter weekend at my parents house in Lake Hartwell.  It was so relaxing and beautiful to spend a long weekend looking at God's beautiful creations and eating lots of delicious Easter food. I ran outside and really enjoyed the pretty scenery compared to staring at my wall when I run on my treadmill!

Poncho came up to the lake with me and he showed off his adorable Easter shirt.

He was slightly miserable in his shirt but at least I got a few pictures.

Before I left for the lake I put together some little Easter goodies for some of the teachers at school and a few friends.  

I loved these bags and knew I had to do something cute for the inside.

I made my go-to-treat of chocolate covered pretzels in Easter colors.

I used my cricut to create tags that read "Happy Easter To One Of My Favorite Peeps."

Although it is late I hope everyone had a special Easter.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Happy 3rd birthday to the greatest chihuahua out there!  (If you are not a dog person you may not want to scroll down because I take an enormous amount of picture of Poncho).

Last year we had a big fiesta for the pup with everything from margarita machines to a pinata to dog bone shaped cookies. I stressed for too many weeks about making him the perfect outfit, for some reason he is a hard to fit dog.  I came up with this....
I bought a shirt that had some design on it and then covered it with fabric and made the letters and maracas out of felt.  

He was very festive!

Here are some pictures from his past three years with us.  We got Poncho right after our honeymoon.

He barely weighed 2 pounds when we got him.

Has always loved to lay in the sun.

"Puparazzi world famous superstar"

He likes to go thru the Starbucks drive thru.

He adores his "Godmother."

He is normally a very good dog but when Ben stayed with us he brushed his teeth with Ben's toothbrush...

He loves to go to sleep with a toy next to his face.

He is spoiled.

He even matched our Halloween theme this year as a yellow submarine.

Happy birthday to our pupsicle, puppy boy, Ponch, Puppy Uppy, Ponch Ponch.  

Friday, April 8, 2011


My dad is beyond amazing.  This is my spring break and I decided to stay home this year to save money and get many things crossed off of my house to do list.  This week my dad and I, well really my dad built us a screened in porch.  Andy and I were so excited to do this and thought it would be done by summer but I should have known better that my dad would have it completed in 5 days.  I could not take a before picture because he works so fast and started before I got home from work last week.

We spent all day Saturday putting up the wood.  I learned how to use a miter saw and a serious nail gun.

The weather was beautiful all week while we worked on the porch.


Hanging the screen overhead was very challenging but it meant we were almost finished.  

All I want to do is sit outside now....

This little guy is going to be so happy that he can sit outside now.  He was loving the sun while we worked on the porch.  He is just a little bit spoiled....

Monday, April 4, 2011

Tweet, tweet!

Happy Spring!
I am so excited for the warm weather to arrive so that I can work in my yard again and plant new flowers. I hope it hurries up- I am currently waiting for this crazy storm to hit....not so excited about the predicted hail and crazy wind. I am off school this week for Spring Break and I was so ready to change my mantle up and add some Easter decorations around the house.

At first I was not sure about my mantle but now I love it! The banner was a gift from a secret pal at work, the wreath is from Target, and the eggs and chicks are from Homegoods. 

Target has some really cute Spring items this year.  This wreath is small but I loved the colors.

This runner is also from Target this year, it added a little color to my kitchen table.

Dining room table

"Spring" frames and handmade table runner on the entry table.

Nests are everywhere!

I am working on a lot of projects right now, will post them soon!