Thursday, June 13, 2013

Finally! Summer!

This summer has been anything but relaxing so far!
Just got back from a painfully long weekend at Lake Hartwell.
We had a little family get together at my parents lake house and it was crazy. We had 7 kids under 12 and a lot of adults. It rained for half of the weekend which created a challenge for entertaining active children. Overall it was a fun weekend and a lot of fun to see sweet family members that I don't often visit with.

Now that school is out I have been able to decorate my mantle for summer and work in my yard and enjoy the fresh flowers.
Yesterday I went out and cut some flowers from my yard. The blooming flowers and our newly installed fence has made mornings outside so peaceful. There is nothing like a cup of coffee and a few quiet moments alone to start the day off right. 

A few pieces of lavender and a dahlia mixed in with the hydrangeas.

I love how the hydrangeas change colors each year.

 I don't usually decorate my mantle for summer but this year I wanted something new and fresh!
I found almost everything in one day of shopping at Target, Home Goods, and Michael's.

I found these pre-made banner pieces at Michael's and grabbed a bunch! They are so nice because they already have a cute detail, thick backing, and muslin on top.

On my cricut I cut out the letters and attached them to the muslin with glue dots.

Then I carefully painted with acrylic craft paint.

Added a second coat and let it dry!

Once the paint was dry I rubbed the edges with distress ink to give it some detail.

Sweet Milo has had a challenging couple of days. He fell trying to jump on the couch and hurt his knee. Poor guy had to get sedated today for an x-ray. It turns out that he is going to need surgery for his 'luxating patella.' Clearly knee issues are common in this house! I learned at one of our trips to the vet this week that he has a red dot in his file marking him as trouble! He is such a sweet pup but gets so scared at the vet. The surgeon can't get him in for 10 days so it is going to be pitiful around here with him hopping on 3 legs and having to spend all day in his crate. He is a trooper though, sweeter than ever.

This week has been full of excitement. 
Made a huge purchase yesterday- excited to share it soon!
Tomorrow is also my five year anniversary. 
Right now I am going to go duck and cover in a closet because the sirens are going off and it's scary here!