Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Wedding Shower!

I had to call in a little back up (my mom) to get my new Valentine quilt up in time for the shower I was hosting in February. I had the pattern and fabrics picked out forever but the first trimester of pregnancy wasn't the ideal time to add a project on top of teaching all day long.
My mom pretty much did the entire thing, actually I think she did all of it. I just picked out the fabrics and told her what to change on the pattern.
I looooove how it turned out. I may have even let it hang up a little after the holiday month....ooops.
I don't really use red anywhere in my house so it was fun to use different shades of pink and add in the green and pop of turquoise. The original pattern had stacks of cupcakes where we put the rows of scraps, I didn't feel like cupcakes screamed Be my valentine?

Picking out the quilting design was so fun, I love when I can incorporate a theme into the quilt! They look like conversation hearts all over the fabric.
For teacher gifts this year I used my heart punch and went to town with scrapbook paper. I printed the mason jar template off of pinterest and printed it onto brown craft paper so it would be thick and not plain white.

I made my own modge podge and put down one layer and let it set before adding a second layer of hearts to make the jars look full. I added one more layer of modge podge on top to keep it all down flat! These were the gift tags to go with the little gift.
I ordered the muslin bags from etsy after many days searching for them in craft stores.
I picked up the wooden discs at Michael's along with the circle magnets (won't get those again). Apparently the magnets didn't hold well....
I was snowed it for a week from work and had to use what I had at home for the heart stencil. I found thick chipboard pieces in the shape of a heart and glued them onto the end of a pencil to use as my stamp. They had a handmade touch to them for sure! Some might even think my students helped me make them.
My fabulous and often featured on this blog of a best friend is getting married! Now it is only 18 days away, so excited. I threw her a wedding shower and we had delicious brunch food.
Isn't she precious?

We had ham and biscuits with fig jam and quiche.

I don't normally serve krispy kreme at my showers but we had a little issue with the homemade cinnamon rolls the morning of so we had to make due, meaning- my husband had to race out and get two dozen so that I didn't freak out about the meal not having enough sweets.

I made two different types of granola to go with the yogurt parfait bar; plain and greek yogurt, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, and raspberries. We ate the parfaits out of mason jars.
*Not pictured are the crack potatoes, they were totally the highlight of the food table.

We had pictures of the bride and groom all over and the invite for the shower.
I made the bride vase in high school where I went to school with the bride and it was so fun to be able to use it!

Of course everyone left with chocolate covered pretzels.

Bright pink hydrangeas on a love bird table runner.

Re-used the LOVE mugs from the gender reveal party.
The adorable wedding gown decoration came from Swoozie's.

It was so much fun showering this beautiful bride to be!


Monday, April 14, 2014

A Recap

I can't even believe my little blog is letting me back on.
Apparently my short little break lasted 7 months and things have been non-stop.
I will do my best to go back and post things of house projects and parties I have been up to.
I have been so busy/tired lately because of this wonderful part of my life....
I found out I was pregnant in October and it has been the most wonderful 6 months (minus the daily vomit for the first 17 weeks). Every day it feels more and more real. We have done TONS of projects in the nursery that I will post very soon, I can't wait to bring this baby home to a special room created just for her.
We hosted a big gender reveal party and found out together about baby girl. I may or may not have gone overboard with the decorations as usual, I was so nervous that I put all my energy into turning the house into a blue and pink party!
I was so sure that this baby was a boy, had the wallpaper shipped already from Anthropologie, paint picked out, and had secretly registered at Restoration Hardware. I was in for a big surprise!
You will have to excuse my nervous chatter and many tears in this video.
I was just so shocked!!!
I made the banner out of scrapbook paper and found this really fun textured trim at JoAnn to string it all together with.
We tried to fill the house with pink and blue flowers. You can't see the blocks very well on the mantle but one side spelled out baby and the other had 7-7-14 for her due date.

The entry table had pink and blue mints, bottles, and take-away bags filled with chocolate covered pretzels.

9 out of 10 times you come to my house you will be sent away with pretzels, it's just my thing.

We had a place for people to leave name suggestions, leave it to my family to write ridiculous name ideas.

 My mom made the table runners with pink and blue.
Anthropologie mugs filled with fresh roses and babies breath.
Baby pictures of Andy and I in the frames.
This party was the perfect excuse to buy the stork attachment for my Happy Everything plate!
Mason jars with pink and blue straws.
We served pink lemonade and blue raspberry lemonade to stick with the color theme.

Baby pictures of us all around!

I spray pained the glass inside a frame with chalk paint and hung the chip board letters with twine.
People had to tally their guess before the big reveal.

Before the reveal with the pups. They had on special scarves that were half pink and half blue stripes.

We had the ultrasound tech text the lady making our cake so that it would be a surprise for everything! I made the paper bunting on my cricut.
It was so fun to have family and such sweet friends there to celebrate with us.
So many people brought delicious appetizers and were so helpful!

We can't believe it!

My sweet parents were good sports, dad wore his pink and blue shirt and mom went hot pink!

Best moment, it's a girl!!






Sunday, September 29, 2013

The latest...

I have been so blessed to be super busy with my monogramming business.
I have loved making things for sweet friends and babies!

Newborn bird applique onesie

Pumpkin applique hand towel

These are my favorite so far- little lovies for newborn twins.

Napkins for a wedding gift

Beautiful pale pink linen dress

Pajama shirt

 Applique shirts for the two cutest sisters

Cheerleading shirts for the team

Shabby tree hand towel

There is nothing cuter than bloomers with a monogram

Baby blankets

Casserole carriers


Burp clothes



Baby onesies

Quilt label

Cocktail napkins

I am so excited about creating more things!