Sunday, January 30, 2011


This weekend I took down the winter decorations and pulled out my pink Valentine's tub of decorations.  I did not have as much as I thought so I spent Saturday making new things for my house. The main project I did Saturday I had seen on another blog and she used different colors but I wanted to stick with pinks, I rarely use red for any holiday. Sunday I had to attend Open House at the school I teach at and had a hard time leaving the house with this guy staring at me in my bed!

I started my Saturday with a usual run to Jo-Ann for some craft supplies.  I came home with a canvas, brush, various paints, and a lot more!

I started by painting my canvas light blue and then hot glued white and pink rick rack to give it some detail.

The letters came brown so I gave them a few coats of paint and let dry before hot gluing onto the canvas.

This was a very easy and fast project!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


This is the first year I have decorated for January.  It doesn't fall into the holiday category but it gave me a reason to make new things and change my mantle.  Plus I always love a good reason to go shopping for something new.

I am really pleased with how the mantle turned out.  The 'trees' are from The Paper Affair, skates are from Home Goods, stars are from Crate & Barrel, tree stumps are from an antique store in Hartwell, and owls are from assorted places.

I love the look of burlap but don't love what it does to my eyes or the mess it leaves behind.  I used my cricut to create a stencil and added little blue accents on some of the white dots.

I snagged the only blue winter fabric JoAnns had this year and put together the table runner with my mom.  I have been making these frames since last February for each month and love them!  It is an easy and very cheap way to decorate.  I started with one white set and one brown set so that they can be used for every month of the year.  

I have had enough of the cold....I am ready to bring out the pink decorations now!  I am trying to finish this by the weekend.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Why not?

I have decided to start a craft blog after a lot of encouragement from others.  I love creating things for the ones I love and for my house.  I love a good holiday!  About two weeks ago when I was stuck in my house because of snow and ice I put together a baby quilt with my mom for my sweet friend Rebecca.  I loved making this quilt for her precious baby.  My mom is a wonderful quilter and has been teaching me how to make quilts for a while.  This was probably the quickest we have ever made a quilt.

The finished quilt!