Thursday, March 24, 2011

Owl love you forever

I tend to fine one thing I love and then run with it.  I have had a really busy week at work- talent show at school, report cards, admissions, and the second grade performed a BUGZ play yesterday. I have not had much time to craft at all.  When I got home from work yesterday I realized that I have a lot of owls in my house. I also realized that most of them have a special memory with them.  I think I may need to take it easy though...

These are little owl pin cushions. When I saw the pattern I knew I had to make these!

I changed them up a little- I added the bow on this one and enlarged the pattern a good bit from the first one.

They were very tedious to make but so cute!

These guys have made it back to my mantle again.

Owl journal where I write down my craft ideas and hope to get around to them.

This is an amazing book.  For Valentine's Day this year one of my students gave it to me.  Their  mom put the book together from real photographs a friend had taken in their back yard.  

It has cute little poems inside.

Of course the dog's toys are even owls. He has a blue one too, it is hiding.

This is a beautiful handmade owl that one of my students gave me this year.

More owl gifts.

This was from my 2nd grade class this year for my birthday.  They all wrote reasons why they love me and they gave me owl salt and pepper shakers. So sweet!

Salt & Pepper shakers. The middle ones did not photograph well- I found those at an antique store and they are really pretty. 

Happy Thursday! Almost to the weekend!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I am one of them....

I read A TON of blogs- one might say too many.  I love looking at everyone else's idea of cute and seeing their creativity in different ways.  I always get frustrated when I come across a blog I like reading and they update a lot and then nothing for weeks or months, I am now one of those people.  I was trying to be consistent but something got the best of me (it may be that I am trying to train myself for a 10k, conferences just ended at school, my husband has been in town, I watch entirely too many shows, or my obsession with my Halloween quilt in progress). Since I decided not to decorate my mantle or house for St. Patrick's Day this year I have not changed much around my house this month.  I am really excited for Spring to arrive so I can pull out my cute stuff!

The past couple of weekends I have been working on this - I can't get enough.  I really love applique. It is a work in progress because I can only find time during the weekend to sit down and really put together a square.  It is a lot of work and has been going a lot faster with the help from my mom, there are a lot of steps involved.  This is what I have completed so far......

The mummy was my first square- very detailed.

The cat was fun because it had some hand embroidery on it.

The spiders legs are beads.

My favorite so far. 

He is obviously not finished.  He needs an eye ball and more machine appliquéing .  

I got a bunch of fabric in the mail from etsy this week so I am really excited.  I am also working on some other projects for a shopping day at school next month, lots to do! (Maybe I shouldn't have spent the last three hours glued to the tv watching the Bachelor finale, I get so attached).

I think the main reason I love putting things together with fabric is because I love to match fabrics. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I can't believe it is here already.  I can't say I am sad, it's one step closer to summer for this teacher! Since I decided not to decorate my house for St. Patrick's Day this year I still had to do something for my classroom.  I always change the wreath on my door each month so I hung this guy up:

I made it last year while I was home with the stomach bug (a not so lovely part of being a teacher).  It was super easy but VERY time consuming.  It is such a great basic wreath that you could add anything on top of it or hang something in the middle.  I hot glued the ribbon to the wreath hanger and hung the ornament on the hanger so that I could use it for another occasion if needed.

The only supplies you need are a foam wreath, paper lunch bags, a scalloped punch, and oodles of hot glue sticks.

You simply fold the punch out in half and then fold it again and put glue on the tip and repeat about a zillion times.  Good luck!