Thursday, July 25, 2013

Wedding Weekend

This past weekend my friend and sister-in-law had a beautiful wedding.
It was a fun weekend seeing friends from all over and spending lots of time with family.

I spent far too much time planning my outfits for all of the wedding events but had a blast putting everything together.
The beautiful bride at the rehearsal.

I discovered the beauty of a gin and tonic this weekend.

Sweet sister of the groom and old friend, so much fun spending the weekend together.

Hilarious boys- Ben, the groom, and my husband.

My poor husband had to hear me talk about this dress for months. I bought it from Anthropologie as soon as it was in stores because it was the most beautiful thing ever. I was so excited to wear it, now if I could only think of another occasion to wear it....
As bridesmaids we were given a couple of colors to work with and to find our own dress. Love this idea, wish I had done it for my wedding party years ago.

My handsome husband in his custom made suit. He even had his monogram on his shirt sleeve.
My shoes for the wedding might be the prettiest pair I've ever owned. Sadly, they didn't get to make an appearance at the reception because they were rapidly killing my feet.

It was a special night with lots of loved ones and  forever friends.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I'm back!

Fastest. Summer. Ever.
My mom always tells me that the older I get the faster time goes by....well, this teacher wants the time to slowwww down. My 8 week summer has dwindled down to just a few days left.
It has been a lovely summer filled with traveling weekends, friends, family, and new adventures.
My biggest adventure this summer was the purchase of my monogram machine!! I have always loved monograms, it's safe to say that 1/4 of my closet is monogrammed and most of my belongings too. I've always dreamed of having my own little business and creating adorable things for friends and family. Early this summer I took a class on a certain embroidery machine and then could not stop thinking about making my purchase. I saved for many years to buy a machine and meet my goal.
Here she is!
It took a lot of hands to get this machine loaded into my car and up the stairs. I think I waited a day or two to unwrap it because I was so nervous!
I have a very sweet friend that has been monogramming for years and she was a huge help in the whole process.  She taught me everything and helped me decide on a machine.

I was super nervous at first to monogram alone so of course I started with my stash of pajama pants.

Fleece blanket for a neighbor.
Lake towels for my parents.

Baby hats.

The other part of my machine that I love is that it can applique. My sweet niece Letty has a dog named Ziggy. She says "hi ziggy" whenever she sees a dog. I made her this little shirt to match her pup!

Baby onesie for Noah.

Can't take credit for this monogram- my MIL sent it to me and I just added it to my machine. Really different but pretty, wedding gift for my sister in law on cloth napkins.

Another applique on a tote for preschool.

I have had so much fun monogramming in the last couple of weeks. I am excited to grow my business and create more things!