Thursday, March 28, 2013


I think for the most part I am an introvert. I love to be alone, comfortable spending a weekend alone, and am overwhelmed by large groups of people. 
Sometimes I find it odd that I like to throw parties so much....I think I love the planning, prep, menu planning, decorating, and hosting part of it.

The other day my mom told me that she was throwing a wedding shower and I immediately perked up and asked her if I could make anything for it.
We ended up making the invites.
I found out the two main wedding colors and then went shopping!
Handmade invites are so simple, fast to put together, and extra special in my opinion.
I used my cricut for part of the invites.

I found plain envelopes at JoAnn that were a little larger than 5x7 so that I could make my invites 5x7 and not have any fit issues.
The wedding colors are grey, blush, and a raspberry color.
I found a pack of paper at Michael's that I instantly loved. It was full of those colors but also had some oranges, pinks, and cremes.
Since I had so much of the patterned paper I decided to line my envelopes for the first time. 
Super easy....will do it on everything from now on!
Basically you deconstruct an extra envelope to create a template.

All of the invites have a flower detailed blush background paper that is thick.
Then comes the grey and white polka dot border.
Each invite has a different band on top of the grey paper and envelope liner.
I printed the wording on a textured cardstock.
While working on this project I was wishing that my job was so choose fonts....I can't get enough.
I mean....someone has to do that. Maybe I could moonlight as a nail polish namer as well. 

Once I printed the wording onto the paper I put it in my cricut and it did the detailed cut outs on the edges.

The top white paper is attached with thick foam stickers so that it is raised up a little for some extra dimension.

I stamped the back of each of them with a "crafted by" stamp. 
I am in the market for a stamp that has my name and blog....still haven't found the perfect one.

It was a fun day project to put together, I had my helpful mom with me and it was fast and easy!

Monday, March 25, 2013


Oh geez. A month has gone by already and nothing on the blog.
A couple weekends ago we celebrated my sister in law's engagement to a great friend.

I knew I wanted to bring them a gift to celebrate the happy occasion but what is one to bring to an engagement party when they aren't registered yet and there isn't a theme?
Themes are life savers in my opinion.
Our engagement party was at Christmas time and everyone brought us an ornament, it is so fun unpacking those special ornaments each year...

Luckily, an idea popped into my head!
I had seen in an old craft book a baby frame that had been appliqued with flowers around a picture so I went with that idea.
I found this adorable robot fabric that stuck out to me because the groom's name is Robert and my husband always calls him Robo, and it went with it!
I knew I had to find elephant fabric for my sister in law because she loves them!
I got baby pictures from the two moms and printed them in black and white so they would look more uniform.

To add more detail to the fabric I embroidered the images on the fabrics.
French knots on the robots circles and running stitches around the other shapes and designs.

I put red polka dot ribbon around the picture to finish it off!

One of the wedding colors is similar to this ribbon so I picked it out, plus the bride loves blue so I thought it was a safe choice.

I embroidered the little black feet, eyes, ears, blue bird, grass, and flower.

These were a bit time consuming to make but so much fun. 
I loved putting time into a gift for two people that mean a lot to me and will be in my life forever.

These would look adorable in a nursery one day! Not the beginning goal but kind of turned out to be cute in a kids room!