Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

Last Friday was Muffins with Mom. One of my favorite school days of the year. The kids love making things for their moms and get so excited to clean up the room and show off what they have made!

This year I brought in a vintage table cloth and a vase to try and make things pretty for the moms.

I found a tutorial for paper flowers from lunch bags and made a few the day before. They were not show stoppers by any means but they added a little color and texture to the table. They impressed my class, which is not hard to of the many perks of teaching second grade.

 I tend to change the gift for the moms each year. My first year teaching I was super ambitious and my mom and I made pillow covers for every month of the year from their child's handprints, aye carumba, never again. The years after that I switched to just one pillow cover of a flower made from their child's handprint.
Well...this year I wanted something new!
The kids used their fingerprints to make a momma owl and a baby owl on a clay pot.
Once dried they added details with a sharpie. 
If you are smart and organized you would spray the pots with a sealer before giving them away, I forgot....sorry moms! 

The kids got to pick which flower to put inside their pot and we stuck a little decoration that says "Owl Always Love You." 

On their desks they had a booklet written all about their mom and their poetry books that we have worked on for the past couple weeks. 

Muffins with Mom is such a special morning because it is so fun to watch the kids love on their moms and celebrate them. They always offer them their chair and serve them breakfast. 
About 1/3 of my class cried when their moms left an hour later....the teacher side of me was ready to move onto the spelling test but the child in me thought it was precious. Probably because I called home 'sick' every. single. day. in second grade. I just wanted to be with my mom! 

This year this day has been full of emotions. 
So thankful for my loving mom and grateful to spend the day with her. I am so blessed to have her live so close to me and see her almost every day. My mom has always been a wonderful support, encourager, friend, confidant, prayer warrior, shopping partner, dog sitter, listener, and so much more.

This day makes me think about my friends that have sweet babies and how lucky those babies are to have wonderful moms. 
I am thankful for friends that are good examples of what I hope to become one day.
I have always felt that my purpose in life is to be a mom and raise a family, today I am praying that God will continue to work in my life and mold me into a mother for a child one day.

This year I have been able to see my wonderful friend have her first baby and become an amazing mother. I have also watched my brother become a loving father to a beautiful baby girl. 
I don't always understand God's timing or purpose but I am so thankful for the people he has placed in my life to help me see his plan and love me through each day.

So to celebrate my sweet mom we ate and shopped, pretty typical for us.
We enjoyed lunch at Figo- I introduced her to the rice balls, a game changer. You must try.
We also went to a local nursery, Scottsdale Farm, and found some beautiful plants. 

Happy Mother's Day to all!