Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How much is too much?

Well- it has only taken 15 days of being around kid germs to get sick.  One of the joys of being a teacher.

On to my lastest project!

 I started these a long time ago....

They are at the top of the stairs in the "landing/loft?" I had the "mini quilts" finished a while ago but was in search of the perfect frames for them.

*Please ignore the pile of CLEAN laundry- my husband just got home from tour for a month.

I was so excited when I found this frame at an antique market. My dad put a wood board behind the frame so it would be more stable.

I had a pattern for this mini quilt.  I wanted to find vintage looking fabrics.

I used velcro dots to attach the quilts to the wood behind the frame, seems to be working so far....

The hand stitching was my favorite part!  Can you see the circles on the left fabric??

I used the blanket stitch for a lot of the pieces.

This is the owl.  I did not have a pattern for this one so I just created something similar to the bird pattern.

I used different fabrics that looked vintage to me.

I also found this frame at the antique market (Lakewood 400)

This quilt also has a lot of hand stitching to give it subtle details. 

***I can't decide if the metal birds and owl above the frames are too much? I am letting them stay for a few days to see how I feel about it.  I would love any opinions!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

At last....

It is finished!  I started this Halloween quilt many months ago and it is completely finished now 
(well I need to put a label on it but I can add that later) 
and I can't wait for October 1 to get here so I can hang it up!

I am going to sew a pocket in the back and it will hang where my bird quilt is now on my kitchen wall.

I found most of the fabrics at JoAnn but had to order some from etsy- the green spider border, the big polka dot, and the stripe jacket fabric.

This quilt was all applique, tons of it! I did it all on the machine.

It was so fun to pick out all the fabrics!

The hand stitching on the bottles took forever but it was worth it for the look.

Once I appliqued the top I took it to someone that has a long arm machine and they quilted the top, batting, and backing together (this was well worth the $ because I never would have been able to add the details she did with her machine).
Look how cute the pumpkins are on the 4 corners...

She added in Halloween words and outlined all the spiders and webs on the border!

I added a lot of small details with beads, buttons, and words once it was quilted. 

The swirls are all over each square but are in different colors so that they go with the various fabrics.

I can't believe it is finished!

Now I have to work on my Christmas, Valentine's, owl, and another bird quilt!  I need to slow down on buying more patterns until I finish what I have! 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

A new year!

Well- I met my class and they are beyond adorable.  I can't believe this is my 4th year of teaching. The first week is over and I have been enjoying a much needed weekend full of cooking, sleeping, crafting, and an unhealthy amount of Grey's Anatomy episodes on Netflix.

I wanted to post the little "gifts" I left on each students desk the morning they came to meet me.

This is the first year I have done these.  They were so simple and inexpensive to put together. 
The bouncy balls came from Target and I simply typed up tags and glued them on fun scrapbook paper.  

Happy School Year!

I also made this little friend this weekend.  It is going to live in a dorm room for someone's daughter at work.  I loved picking out the fabrics.  I plan on making more and making them much bigger...

Monday, August 8, 2011

Whoooo's ready?

Not me! This summer has gone by WAY too fast.  I can't believe that I will meet my new class in two days.  The last week has been crazy with pre-planning, meetings, working in my classroom, and so much more! I am excited to start a new year but also nervous about the unknown.  I am so thankful to work at a wonderful Christian school.  Every year I set goals for myself as a teacher.
This picture sums up my goals for the year:
As a teacher it can be pretty easy to lose sight of these simple words.  I am praying that I will show all these fruits to my students, parents, co-workers, and sweet husband.  I am blessed.
I am already finding myself searching for ways to feel joyful with my husband on tour during this time of the school year.  He is such a huge support in my life and it can feel challenging to start a new school year without him to cheer me up at the end of a long week.  
for some crazy lovely reason I decided to change the theme of my classroom this year.  You know I can't get enough of owls and birds so when I saw the new line of owl products in the School Box catalog I just had to go for it!  One thing turned into another and I went a little overboard with the changes.  I think it is because of my love for fabric, colors, and cute things that made me want to change the look of my classroom.  
I don't have many before pictures but basically my old theme was "stars." No real reason why- but now it is OWLS, you can't miss it when you walk by my room!
Bulletin board outside my door 

This is a bookshelf that I keep all of my books for lessons (aka books the kids can't touch)

Last year this had star fabric on it but I loved this colorful fabric at Hobby Lobby so I made a new cover and attached it with velcro!

These big pillows go in the reading area and the old star fabric was all torn up so I made slip covers for them.

These are the new pillows.  The pattern is so pretty.  Slip covers are great because my class gets lice every year, ugh! Fingers crossed I make it another year lice free.

I like to have a class verse so that my kids can memorize it and it is a great reference for behavior problems.
Philippians 2:14-16

Owl helper chart- the owls with their names slip into the tree trunks!

Finished classroom library.  This was a huge project last year!  Sorting the books into categories with the kids and creating glad that is finished!

The polka dot baskets from Target are my favorite

This tree started out as a "thankful tree" that a dad built for me.  I have kept it up all year round and have welcome bookmarks on it for the kids on the first day of school.

These next few pictures are not fabulous- I was trying to work and take pictures and the picture taking ability obviously was lacking...
These are the Birthday Bags.  I got this idea from a kindergarten teacher when I was student teaching.  They are empty but I have each students name typed on the bag for the month of their birthday.  They are an easy way to display birthdays that adds some fun to the classroom.

Don't you like my new poster that says "You are responsible for you!"  We will see how that works out....

I made these last year on my cricut and they have been really helpful.  Each morning I write what we will be doing in each subject- it also cuts down on a lot of questions :)

These are hanging in the windows of the room.  They are hard to see but this window says "Welcome" and each letter has chip board accents with animals on them.

"to 2nd Grade!"

My new owl calendar!  It came with owl borders and some blank posters.  I had to get a little creative with the blank ones because it didn't come with anything for the weather or days of the week.
I put fabric up behind the calendar instead of paper so that it won't fade throughout the year.

What would I do without my cricut?!?

Can't believe summer is over :(

This is my first year with this wreath on my classroom door.  I started it last year but didn't finish it till this week.  I used double sided paper and made them into pinwheels.  They are just pinned into a styrofoam wreath form.

The great thing about teaching 2nd grade is that most of them still love school :)

Happy new school year to everyone!! Good luck!